SP MARINE professional supply Marine diesel engine spare parts, Compressor spare parts, Supercharger and Stationary power plant spare parts......


Qinhuangdao Shuangpu Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1997. After 20 years of development and expansion, We operate marine equipment & spare parts importing and exporting affairs whose products include main/auxiliary engine, Turbocharger, Purifier, Air compressor, Governor, Water pump, machinery & deck machinery, etc. The engine models cover all famous makers from Japan & Europe. We are always maintaining closely contact with the engine manufacturer and subsidiary factories worldwide. It promises customer reliable purchasing sources with good quality parts at reasonable prices.  We recruited worldwide professional talents, which makes the companys technology and service keep the leading passion in the industry and guarantees the back power for the development of the company.
On the basis of employing modern information platform and management system, the company can capture all kinds of demand information from customers in time and to the extend meet customers’needs. The broad market opens to us. We hold a kind of the attitude of the agile, the professional and efficient, which is the key to keep the increasing of customers and make more and more manufactures sale products through us.